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Gordon Ramsay labels SPAM cooked meat 'disgusting'

by Nick Webster. Published Fri 05 Oct 2012 17:06

Hotel GB star Gordon Ramsay says he became a chef because he was "disgusted" by his mother's habit of serving him SPAM for dinner every week when he was a boy.

But Michelin-starred chef Ramsay is under fire for spurning his roots after he condemned the strugglin mums' stand-by as "disgusting f*****g" Spam".

The foul-mouthed chef is starring in the fly-on-the C4 reality show and made the outburst when he was demonstrating how to slice prime fillet steak.

Ramsay told trainee Jason Moroney not to slice steak too thinly like sliced Spam and recalled the meals he was served by his Scottish mother Helen, during his childhood in Stratford-on-Avon.

Ramsay said: "SIiced, disgusting f***ng Spam!

"Did you grow up with that stuff? I did. I had Spam every Friday night.

"I decided to cook for a living to stop eating so much sh*t.

"I didn't have a choice. It wasn't about what I didn't like. It was what we got fed.

"Spam like a brick. Spam straight out of a can every Friday night. Spam egg and chips - done!"

But Gordon came under fire from Jonathan Ross when he visted the kitchen on the show aired on Thursday night.

ITV 1 chat show host Jonathan said accused Ramsay of "forgetting his roots".

Ross said: "Spam fritter is a good meal. You have lost touch Ramsay. You are forgetting your roots!"

Ramsay laughted off the charge with the retort: "Oh get f***ed!"

But the comments look set to spark a row with the food makers Tulip Ltd, who market Spam in the UK.

And the chef has been slammed by a Labour MP who accused him of stigmatising British families who eat Spam as an economical meal-maker.

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper said: "By implication Gordon Ramsay is criticising thousands of families in Britain today for whom chopped ham remains a regular part of their diet.

"Not everyone can afford restaurant meals or expensive ingredients like fillet steak.

"Many home-makers still rely on nutritious economical ingredients like Spam and other tinned meats, in order eek-out their weekly shopping budget and keep hungry mouths fed.

"Mr Ramsay should think more seriously before he stigmatises busy mothers - like his own - who feed chopped ham to their families as a quick and satisfying meal."

The product's UK distributors, Tulip Ltd, said Ramsay was wrong to bad-mouth SPAM which can feed a family of four with a 340g can which sells for as little as £1.80p.

A Tulip spokesman:"SPAM is made from shoulder pork and ham, yet many people have the perception that it is the cheap luncheon meat they may have eaten at school.

"SPAM Chopped Pork and Ham is an excellent source of protein, feeding up to four people per 340g can.

"As you probably know, SPAM celebrates its 75th anniversary this year and how many brands have been around that long, with such loyal consumers?

"Unlike Gordon, many people are struggling to feed their families and SPAM is so versatile.

"From toasties and pasta dishes to risottos and pizza, it provides an excellent alternative to many premium priced meats."


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"I can totally agree with Ramsay. Spam is beyond mega-disgusting. Just eugh. No one should eat it." Beppity-Borpity-Ber, United States around 1 month, 3 weeks ago

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