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Dogs poisoned by cannabis at Manchester beauty spot

by Lauren Riley. Published Tue 08 Jan 2013 15:41

A group of dogs have been poisoned after eating marijuana on walks with their owners near a Manchester beauty spot.

Neil Rogers said his dog became ill after eating something on a path in Saddleworth, Greater Manchester.

Mr Rogers said: "Patch was just totally out of it.

"When I got home he just collapsed and couldn't do anything. I realised he had eaten something."

He said Patch had eaten something near Dove Stone Reservoir which looked like "fat seed balls you hang out in the garden for the birds".

The dog owner later returned to the area to collect the suspicious package and took it to the police, who later confirmed it to be cannabis.

Patch was one of a number of dogs who vets treated for the same poisoning and have since made full recoveries.

Greater Manchester Police have warned dog owners to report any suspicious packages spotted on walks.

Veterinary surgeon Lorna Cook, who treated two of the dogs, said: "I haven't seen anything like this before.

"We had two dogs with similar signs in quick succession so we knew there was something suspicious. Both dogs collapsed and had dilated pupils."

She advised anyone who sees their dog ingest something unusual to contact a vet immediately.

Police have warned people to exercise caution while walking their dogs in the area near the reservoir and report any suspicious packages.


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"Cannabis needs to be heated up to activate the THC (decarboxilation). These dogs would have felt no effect from eating raw weed. " delta9, manchester around 2 years ago

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